What to do in Karlovy Vary

 Karlovy Vary, formerly known as Karlsbad (King's Bath), is a city with a population of 50 thousand. The city was founded in 1370 by the King of Bohemia IV. They discovered it when Karl's dog fell into hot water while hunting. The king, who discovered the hot water, started to build numerous hot springs in the city. From those days until today, the city is considered as a healing center. The city, which is 2.5 hours away from Prague, is a very popular destination. Especially among us Turks. Why come together before it's so popular where is Karlovy Vary? Getting to Karlovy Vary? Let's talk about things like Where is Karlovy Vary ? Transportation, How to Get to Karlovy Vary? Karlovy Vary, formerly known as Karlsbad (King's Bath), is located in the West Bohemia region of the Czech Republic.   There are no direct flights from Turkey to the city, which is about 130 km away from Prague. That's why you can get there by renting a car or by train or Flixbus from Prague H